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International certificate

SoulTree is currently the only brand in India formally certified, annually, by the reputed European Certification Agency BDIH of Germany. Look for the BDIH ‘Certified Natural’ seal on SoulTree products. 

BDIH demands that by collecting and growing herbs one does not harm nature and one must protect endangered species. Also, genetic modification is prohibited as well as all chemical manipulation for increase of production. Using herbs to make cosmetics should be done with as little chemical processes as possible. Testing on animals is not permitted. 

Also, BDIH forbids syntetic coloring, parfume, silicones, parabens and other oil derivates. Only preservatives that are identicall to natural ones are permited. It is forbiden to desinfect raw materials or radioactive radiation of final products. 

SoulTree is a proud supporter of the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics. We do not test on animals.